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A key element to ensure our strategic commitment to customers, our approach, methodology and implementation of the After-Sales Service seeks to ensure maximum reactivity, speed and efficiency in moments of “machine down”. All our machines have electronic monitoring and control devices, information integrated into our CRM to optimize all Scheduled Maintenance interventions, minimizing downtime and its impact on our customers.

The strategy developed at ITT means that we have a very large staff of more than 200 technicians to deal with the most complex equipment breakdowns. This allows us to guarantee reaction, specialization, training and expert knowledge in all circumstances.

The constant commitment to technical training and "Manufacturer Certifications" of our mechanics, allows us to confidently face the best service of the latest machine technologies.


Servicio ITT Rent


Major advances in the use of communications and geolocations in our equipment have helped us make a huge leap in the services we provide in our three sectors. Both we and the client  can monitor equipment, receiving real time information on consumption, wear and tear, efficiency, etc.

Our specialists can offer you preventive maintenance to suit the work you do, notify you when periodic servicing is due, or handle all maintenance and any breakdowns directly. We can identify equipment that is not being used responsibly or efficiently and propose specific training courses for drivers/operators.

In the drawing below you can see how these technologies interact and the extraordinary benefits you will have when using them.

nuevas technologias ITT 1878

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